· Anticorrosive galvanized steel frame and corners in polyamide techno polymer reinforced with a galvanized steel core which guarantees an excellent mechanical stability and resistance.
· Removable sandwich panels in galvanized steel with thermal and acoustical insulation of 30 mm rock wool (λ=0,036 W/mK; ρ=40 kg/m³; Fire Resistance Rating M1).

. Radial fans with forward curved blades made of a high performance composite.
· Smooth blades easily cleanable.
· Tridimensional design of the blades optimized for high efficiency and low noise level.
· Low consumption AC motors calibrated both dynamically and statically accordingly to the normative ISO 1940 part 1. Protection class IP-54, Thermal class Ip155.
· Motor finish RAL7032.
· Economical option with double inlet centrifugal fans, direct drive motor with 3 speeds or 1 variable speed.
· Casing and finish in galvanized steel.
· Low consumption motors. Class F, IP-54 and thermal protection.

· Mounted on a galvanized steel frame.
· Classified under the normative EN779:2011.
· Standard version equipped with a G4 plan filter.

· Cross flow heat exchanger with aluminium fins.
· Energy efficiency up to 70%.
· Motorized by-pass available as option.

Water Coils
Water feed coils built off seamless cooper tubes mechanically expanded trough aluminium fins set on a waved profile, studied and conceived to achieve the best coil performance.

Direct Expansion Coils
Direct expansion coils (DX), prepared to work with the R-410A refrigerant, free of ozone-depleting composites. Seamless cooper tubes and aluminium fins.
· 1 to 4 rows heating coils;
· 1 to 4 rows cooling coils.

All the cooling coils are supplied with a drain pan, properly inclined to guarantee the full drainage of the condensates.
Optional droplet eliminator to prevent drag of droplets in high velocity or humidity situations on the cooling coil (recommended for velocities over 2,5 m/s).