The system has been designed to sense as much as possible, be objective in its purpose, suitability, functionality, adaptability to different operating conditions and capacity expansion, characterizing it high degree of quality, flexibility and reliability. The Management System implementation purpose aims at simplify, automate and streamline operation of plants Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

This shall be possible with the possibility to control / monitoring energy intakes, from the viewpoint of economic viability, with the primary aim of maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) with the parameters defined by the current wording into operative Regulation of Climate Energy Systems Buildings - RECS, both within the IAQ as well as Energy, defined for the type of HVAC installation foreseen.

The reference system of this project uses the basic technology - SIEMENS, endowed with the necessary protocols for interconnection with the management system standard building (eg Microsoft SQL data bases), for data communication regarding the operation of the building, network protocol, comprising the DDC type controllers.